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AHOY! I mean... GBA = death of the Eevee? ;_;

It doesn't seem to be, uh, many people who've joined this comm, but...

Does anybody, anybody know how to get Espeon in the third gen/GBA games?! *goes insane* @_@ From what I can tell there is no night, no day, and no happiness checker-lady—as well as no BREEDER to make new Eevees, unless I trade a Ditto and my Jolteon over to Sapphire. But.... Aargh. If you can't tell, I'm frustrated out of my MIND. I love Espeons as much as I love Jolteons, and just ;NEVLKJNVLT.

If you can't answer the question though, here's another nice one: So how many of you just used the breeder's place in G/S/C as an excuse to breed like a little tribe of Eevees and Eeveelutions? >_>; *raises hand*
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