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Version 1 - Eevee

Eevee Fan Club
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Hello, welcome to the Eevee Fan Club! Here's where you'll find the rules and guidelines about the club and such, as well as the names of the rest of the members.

Rules (don't worry, there won't be many ^^

~This community is only for fans of Eevee and its evolutions. Please don't join just to spam or to dis the community, because then I'd have to put up restrictions and that wouldn't be fair to to good members >>;
~Respectively, try to keep all topics within the community related - maybe not all about Eevee, but just keep them Pokemon-related as to live up to the name of the club. Other topics can go in your own journals.
~Don't ask to be a moderator. I'm not looking for any mod positions seeing as this community is brand new.

Here are some ideas for things you can talk about/do in this community:
~Welcome yourself if you're new, and let everyone know who your favorite Eevee is.
~Post any Eevee or Pokemon-orientated artwork or fanfiction that you've done, or any that you've found. If posting copyrighted work, make sure to give the original creator credit for it ^_^
~Talk about your teams in the Pokemon games, especially your prized Eevees. Discuss strategy and movesets with other trainers.
~If you play the Pokemon card game, you can challenge someone to an online battle, or just talk about the cards you own.

Some things I DON'T want:
~Card trading. This is a small private community and I don't want to be blamed for anything that goes wrong within your private trades.
~Flaming. This includes flaming of the community itself or any of its members. I don't want to hear any "this community's stupid!" or "you're stupid for liking vaporeon, jolteon is better!" Everyone's opinions should be respected equally. And to put it simply, if you don't like the idea of the community, don't join. ^_^

Okay, that's all. I don't want to make too many rules, this is supposed to be fun! Right? Uh... Yeah. xD I sound too official. *goes temporarily insane* ... There we go :3