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AHOY! I mean... GBA = death of the Eevee? ;_;

It doesn't seem to be, uh, many people who've joined this comm, but...

Does anybody, anybody know how to get Espeon in the third gen/GBA games?! *goes insane* @_@ From what I can tell there is no night, no day, and no happiness checker-lady—as well as no BREEDER to make new Eevees, unless I trade a Ditto and my Jolteon over to Sapphire. But.... Aargh. If you can't tell, I'm frustrated out of my MIND. I love Espeons as much as I love Jolteons, and just ;NEVLKJNVLT.

If you can't answer the question though, here's another nice one: So how many of you just used the breeder's place in G/S/C as an excuse to breed like a little tribe of Eevees and Eeveelutions? >_>; *raises hand*
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Nope :D


January 1 2008, 19:47:52 UTC 9 years ago

If you have FR/LG only, you have no hope. Breeding is on 4 island, tho.
You have to trade to Sapphire. Check the clock in your room to find the time of day. Breeding is left of Mauville, and you must have the Nat. Dex.
And I don't have G/S/C. ;_;
Oops, almost forgot. Happiness lady is is Vendenturf or whatever that town west of Mauville is. Daisy Oak checks happiness in Fr/Lg, I think. Hope it helps!